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Andrew Clarke is a multi-award winning commercial, landscape and travel photographer with a passion for the stunning Australian landscape. Andrew is also an accomplished photography educator and has been working with Sony Australia as a Sony Digital Imaging Advocate since late 2018, hosting workshops, tours, presentations and other events through the Sony Scene platform.

Like many others, Andrew's career in photography grew out of a love of exploration and an eagerness to share the beauty of the natural world.  Andrew is fascinated by the relationship between light and time and will spend hours on location waiting for the right moment before releasing the shutter. His patience and eye for composition give his images a unique character, which often takes the form of abstract depictions of otherwise common scenes and landmarks.

Andrew provides a number of photography services including:

  • Education services (including private/group workshops and mentoring)
  • Marketing, promotion and brand partnerships
  • Image licencing and prints
  • Articles, reviews and other publications
  • Presentations and speaking engagements
  • Competition judging

Ambassador Products: Haida
Style: Landscape & Travel
Location: Perth, WA

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