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Maxxum Pty Ltd is a Company started by two photographic industry entrepreneurs Brian D’Arcy and Glenn Ward on 1 July 2012 to import and distribute, photo, video and consumer electronic products into the Australian market.

The Directors are both well known and very experienced in importing and distribution in the photographic, video and consumer electronic market channels.

Brian D'Arcy is the former owner of Adeal Pty Ltd and has over 30 years experience as Managing Director and Chairman of this very successful organisation.

In 1977 Brian was the founding Vice-President and also served two 2 year terms as President of the Photographic Industry Council of Australia (PICA) the peak body of the photo and imaging industry.

Glenn Ward had 12 experience at Adeal in Sales, Marketing and Procurement. Holding the positions of  Product Manager, National Sales Manager and Sales Director in recent  years.

This energetic team has built a new force in import and distribution after commencing operations on 1 July 2012. We have sourced quality products from reliable suppliers worldwide and are growing their presence in designated market channels.

We have a clear concept to supply;

  1. Photo/video and consumer electronic Chain stores, buying groups and specialty stores from stocks in our warehouse.
  2. Indented, private label merchandise to volume outlets.
  3. Sourced products of any type to meet buyer specifications.

Many former customers have joined the ranks of Maxxum customers seeking to be part of the Maxxum growth story. Our main challenge is to continue to meet the demands of  the Australian market over the coming years.

Our supply lines are operating smoothly as we have expanded distribution to cover the total Australian market. We have our own Account Managers servicing the Victorian and New South Wales market and two Independent Sales Representatives are now growing our coverage in Queensland and Western Australia.

Maxxum has been appointed Australian distributor for the famous Korean Optical Company, Samyang. In addition to Samyang, Benro Photo & Video Tripods, MeFoto Tripods, Tenba Bags, Shimoda Bags, Jupio Batteries & LED Lighting, Boya Audio, Loupedeck, Celly Accessories, Hama, Massa Optical Filters & Litra are now exclusively represented by Maxxum.

Maxxum also has a unique sourcing program designed for clients who have significant volume potential and a desire to energise a new or existing private label brand. We have already sourced customer branded products and accessories for tablet computers, Apple iPad and iPhone such as cases and screen protectors as well as bags for compact and mid size cameras. HDMI Cables for TV and cables for telephone and computers are also sourced. With over 100 visits to Asia between us, your new product is just a phone call away.

With the energy, expertise and market access we offer, quality products can find a new home in Australia where all stakeholders will be delighted with the results!