Tripods & Monopods

What's the difference between using a tripod and a monopod? That's a common question many people ask but seasoned photographers will tell you they both have their pros and cons. Tripods help keep the camera focused on one location and will allow you to shoot longer exposures than you can with a monopod. Tripods can easily be left in one location while you walk away. A monopod requires your presence to keep it standing upright but there are many pros that make monopods quite useful. Monopods fold up compactly for easy and discreet travel and can easily be extended quickly for shooting on the go. They are far less obtrusive as there's only one leg, not 3 to contend with, and will reduce camera shake while not always being as precise. When shooting in a crowded space, you'll really enjoy the compact benefits of using a monopod.