Tenba Solstice Backpacks

Convenience and security are important to photographers, whether seeing the sights in a world-class city or hiking a remote trail. The lightweight Solstice bags are designed to meet those criteria without ever calling attention to the fact that you’re carrying expensive gear.

Backpacks have their benefits, but easy access to gear isn’t one of them, especially if you’re hiking a muddy trail and don’t want to put your pack down in the muck. Problem solved with the Solstice Backpack’s rear camera door or the Sling’s side door. Just swing the bag around to the front, open the pack and grab whatever you need. The Backpack’s rear door sits flush against your back when you’re carrying the pack so sticky fingered thieves at crowded tourist attractions don’t have a chance.

Fitting camera gear and personal items in a single pack can be more challenging than a crossword puzzle. With the Solstice packs, easily adjustable padded dividers mean you can decide how much space you need for your camera kit, and how much you need for a jacket, food and other travel essentials.

Whether you’re planning macro shots of wildflowers or stunning long exposures of the Milky Way, you’ll need to steady your camera with a tripod (or monopod). Just slide it into the specially designed side pocket, secure it with the included compression strap and you’re off to your next great photo shoot.