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The Kica Mini-C is the smallest member of the family of wireless vibrating massagers from the renowned FeiyuTech brand!

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FeiyuTech Mini-C Kica Massage Gun

The Kica Mini-C is the smallest member of the family of wireless vibrating massagers from the renowned FeiyuTech brand. The device easily fits in your pocket, so you can take it wherever your body may need relaxation and regeneration. In the set with the massager you will also find 3 silicone covers that allow you to adjust treatments to specific needs. Improve tissue blood supply and accelerate muscle regeneration. This small device can forever become your home masseur and physiotherapist who will take care of your entire body!

Metal Flat Head and 3 Silicone Covers - The FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C vibration massager has a built-in flat magnetic head made of durable metal. It allows you to effectively massage smaller muscle groups, such as the muscles of the back or shoulder blade. The head creates a special magnetic flux that works up to 5cm under the epidermis. It improves microcirculation, supports metabolism, increases cell viability and regenerates damaged tissues. Included with the FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C model you will also find 3 silicone covers that will extend the use of the massager, providing support for almost all muscle groups.

Silicone Spherical Cap - If you want a universal massage of large muscle groups, such as thighs, calves, back, hips or shoulders, reach for the silicone spherical cushion. Place it on the metal head and feel relief after just a few minutes of massaging. With the help of the spherical overlay you can also easily loosen soft tissues and all sensitive parts of the body. This solution will also work well in fascia therapy.

Conical Silicone Overlay - With a special silicone conical cap, you will know the power of acupressure without leaving your home! It will allow you to precisely reach all deeply located tissues and joints. The conical overlay will help you massage large areas of muscles, such as the thighs or calves. With its help, you will quickly relieve the discomfort associated with thickenings and lumps, which often cause a stiff neck or a headache.

U-shaped Silicone Overlay - The U-shaped silicone overlay was created to take care of strained tendons and pain in hard-to-reach places. Thanks to the special profiling, you can comfortably reach the sensitive parts of the body, ensuring a pleasant, relieving massage of the spine extensors or Achilles tendon.

2 months of massaging on one charge! - You only need 2 hours to fully charge the device and for 2 months, give yourself a 10-minute massage every day! The 1300mAh battery will allow up to 10 hours of uninterrupted work.

4 levels of massage intensity - Massages of different parts of the body require different pressure. The same applies to the intended use of the treatments. Sometimes we need a bit of relaxation, other times we need to stimulate our muscles or reach deep tissue and joints. That is why the FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C massager is equipped with 4 action programs, offering different levels of vibration intensity. Thanks to this, you can precisely adjust the massage to your physical conditions, sensitivity to pressure, as well as the specific needs of the body.

Level 1 - Muscle Stimulation (1500 rpm)
Level 2 - Relaxation (2400rpm)
Level 3 - Deep Massage (3200rpm)
Level 4 - Gentle Massage (650rpm)

Quiet and Discreet - Thanks to the unique design of brushless motors, which are mounted on a three-point suspension made of silica gel, the FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C massager works quietly and discreetly. The device does not generate unnecessary noise, and a quiet purring allows you to fully relax during each massage. This will make your daily treatments even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Take Care of Your Health - The FeiyuTech Kica brand is trusted by professionals from around the world who deal with physiotherapy and rehabilitation in their work. Thanks to the replaceable caps and power regulation, the device can be perfectly adapted to the needs of different patients. The massager will help support motor functions, regenerate strained muscles and bring relief to people who require rehabilitation after injuries.

  • supports the rehabilitation process
  • improves blood circulation
  • stimulates the production of collagen
  • accelerates the absorption of hematomas and bruises
  • has an analgesic effect and soothes myofascial pain
  • improves blood circulation and hydration of the skin, fascia and muscles

Fast Recovery After Training - If you play sports, you certainly know how important it is to properly prepare your muscles for activity and regenerate them properly after each training session. Do you ride a bike? Are you running? Do you do crossfit? FeiyuTech Kica Mini-C is the perfect device for you. Take care of your body and avoid injuries. Regular physiotherapy treatments with a massager will make your muscles work even better!

  • increases the effectiveness of training
  • supports pre- and post-training activities
  • accelerates post-workout regeneration
  • prevents injuries and injuries
  • activates and stimulates the muscles
  • increases the temperature of tissues
  • increases and improves the flexibility of joint structures (joint mobility)
  • accelerates the absorption of metabolic products


Weight 213g
Dimensions 88.2 x 35 x 128mm
Operating Voltage 7.1V - 8.4V
Battery Capacity 1300mAh
Battery Charging Time 2 hours
Frequency Control 650 - 3200rpm
Charging Port USB-C (5V / 2A)
Working Time on Single Charge Up to 10 hours
Material Plastic
Colour White


SKU 888996
Barcode # 6970078072459
Brand Feiyu Tech

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