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LitraTorch™ is the world’s most versatile adventure photo and video light. At 1.5"x1.5" in size, the Torch provides 800 lumen of continuous, high quality light. 

Each Torch comes with:

  • White Diffuser
  • Belt Clip
  • GoPro ¼ 20 Finger Mount
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Magnetic Mounts
  • Cold Shoe Mount
  • 800, 450, 100 Lumen settings
  • Ultra wide beam angle to match camera wide angle formats
  • 5700k
  • Flicker free, smooth light pattern (daylight temperature)
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Micro USB
  • Waterproof, drop proof, aluminium body construction
  • Flexible mounting with two 1/4-20 standard camera mounts, embedded magnet, GoPro mount, belt clip
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Brand Litra

Amazing Light - saved the day

By: on 14 September 2018
I am a professional badminton racket stringer and coach. My friend introduced me to Litra whilst I was stringing rackets at All England Badminton Championships in Birmingham, March 2018. This is the most prestigious badminton tournament in the world. The Korean team had 6 players with no rackets due to luggage not arriving. New rackets arrived at 11.30 pm with play commencing 9am. We had to string through the night. We were housed in an apartment with sparse low wattage lighting, insufficient for stringing. Litra provided so much light throughout the night that both of us could continue stringing at a decent pace. All rackets were ready by 8am. Without the additional light I doubt we would have completed the task. In my opinion, Litra saved the day and I have to say a huge thank you for helping us do our job so easy. I carry Litra with me whenever I am asked to string as an essential part of my toolkit. Litra has proved to be an amazing light with great coverage and superb battery life. The size meant we could use a phone charger to power for hours, and it gave us the best options when deciding where to place the light. Mine was actually hung from a light fitting by badminton string. I'm stunned and delighted at how it performed. I wholeheartedly recommend Litra to anyone that needs a compact and bright light to illuminate a room when poor lighting or no lighting is provided. In my opinion, a 5 star rating isn't high enough praise for this amazing light.

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