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To create videos that stand out of the crowd use The Movie Maker: The World's smallest camera motion control units.The Movie Maker is a 2 in 1, 9 speed Electronic Slider & Motorized 360° Panoramic Time Lapse Head. For Small Cameras up to 750g weight capacity, extra tracks are available. Converts into a micro dolly (sold separately).
May be used horizontally or vertically and either manual or electronic mode, runs 2 hour on internal rechargeable battery or USB powerpack for very long timelapse shots.
Convenient 1/4" mounting threads at bottom to use with tripod, suction cups for diagonal, vertical or inverted shots
Light weight, highly functional fits into a small bag.
Designed by Hollywood veterans with a passion for motion.

- 9-speed Electronic Camera Slider & 360° Panoramic head conversion
- Great for all cameras less than 1.7 lbs.
- Take awesome packaging and wedding videos, operates at any angle, even upside down
- Share sunsets, powered with a 2 hour internal rechargeable battery or use with USB powerpack
- Use in any location, 1/4" mounting threads attach to tripods, suction cups for diagonal, vertical or inverted shots

· Convenient ¼ inch threads under each track join to attach to any tripod, suction cups etc
· Comes with 2 x 31cm tracks, additional tracks are available for extensions
· Plug into a power bank operating times +36 hours (10400MA), or use internal rechargable battery for 2 hours
· Remote control for both speed and direction (9 speeds)
· Bounce back for continuous motion, can be turned off): When reaching end of track it will move in opposite direction
· Motor speeds vary from 4mm/minute to a 1000mm/minute
· Operates as eletronic or manual slider
· Can climb 90 degrees & can operate upside down
· Weighs 900g and can hold up to 750g phone/camera on vertical climb

SKU 76216
Brand Grip Gear

Runs perfectly smooth

By: on 30 November 2018
Does what it's suppose to do. The motor runs perfectly smooth on the track. Wish panning feature is possible while running on track. But all in all, everything is perfect, good value for the money.

Love it.

By: on 30 November 2018
It’s awesome works like a charm. Although you can’t rotate and slide at the same time, I have an independent rotating time lapse unit I mount on top of the dolly to get both effects at the same time.

Quiet and powerful, this slider delivers

By: on 30 November 2018
Wow. Compared to other units priced hundreds of dollars higher, Grip Gear has nailed it with this beauty. Does exactly what I need: close-up document motion pans using the iPhone X's broadcast quality video cam. Don't try using a heavier DSLR, this wouldn't be up to the task. Lightweight for portability, solid build quality, absolutely silent in action, this Movie Maker 2 slider delivers.

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