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FeiyuTech QING Intelligent Gimbal for DSLR Cameras


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Specifically designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

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FeiyuTech QING Intelligent Gimbal for DSLR Cameras

Leading the New Era of Time-Lapse
Specifically designed for mirrorless and DSLR cameras, intelligent gimbal Qing accommodates for all the mainstream cameras on the market, allowing for time lapse photography, panorama, ultra-wide photography, etc.

Aerospace Metal, Strong but Light
Made of new generation aerospace aluminium alloy, Qing offers comfortable touch feeling and durability which is suitable for wide field shooting. Qing can easily handle the mainstream camera and lens combo with up to 3.5kg payload, while it only weighs 1.3kg.

Versatile and Portable Solution for Time-Lapse Photography
Two-Axis functions stable, smooth and precise rotation thanks to the brand-new brushless motor.
Featuring a Bluetooth remote control and touch screen, you can directly set the shooting time, shooting range, speed and viewing interval and shoot different types of time lapse without APP.

Bluetooth Motion Sense Controller
The dedicated Bluetooth handle is able to control mode switch, rotation, shooting/recording, parameter setting, axis rotation, etc. The large size touch screen provides intuitive interface and convenient operations.

External Bluetooth MIC
Bluetooth MIC can be connected to Qing, achieving remote sound recording, providing more realistic content.

Quality Embodied in Details
Qing adopts ARCA quick release plates, allowing for speedy set up. The device is equipped with a 2200mAh battery which guarantees long shooting time. The 3/8 inch screw hole at the bottom supports all the sliders on the market as well as tripods.

  • Application Scenarios
  • Wedding Photography
  • Meeting Recording
  • Professional Filmmaking
  • Different Kinds of Time Lapse Shooting
  • Leading the New Era of Time-Lapse 
  • Aerospace Metal, Strong but Light
  • Versatile and Portable Solution for Timelapse Photography
  • Two-Axis functions stable, smooth and precise rotation thanks to the brand-new brushless motor.
  • Bluetooth Motion Sense Controller
  • External Bluetooth MIC
  • Quality Embodied in Details
  • Multiple Application Scenarios

Main Features

  • The payload is up to 3.2kg, which can support all kinds of DSLR and some cine cameras.

  • Made of Aviation Aluminium-alloy, strong in construct and light in weight.

  • Remote control with oversized touch screen can set up all shooting parameters. With 15 meters control distance, you can monitor and check all working status from a distance and start intelligent shooting with pre-set templates.

  • Powerful Remote control to control the capturing, recording , focus (half press), follow focus with external AFK II, and directly set up time lapse, auto rotation, 9 square panorama and auto 180 degree / 360 degree panorama, working with intelligent MCU power to calculate remaining time and total duration of whole shooting, total length of the ,current and total photos, and control QING to auto finish the whole shoot.

  • Auto rotation setup feature make it perfect to use at auto shooting at fixed position or VLOG for single man.

  • 9 square panorama features make it easy to auto take 3x3 wider panorama with pre-set template.

  • Auto panorama with 180 degree and 360 degree template to get quick panorama.

  • Cable control the capturing, recording, follow focus and zooming with external AFK II, stable and security.

  • QING designs two quick release system for camera and battery to make the mounting and usage easier.

  • Each security motor lock for tilt axis and battery for secure mounting.

  • Comes with gradienter on pan axis to get level state in real time.

  • Working with optional infrared tracker to follow moving target in real time.

  • Working with optional wireless MIC kit to get better sound over 15 metres for Vlogging.

  • Reserve 3pcs USB2.0 port and 1pcs USB C port for follow focus / infrared tracker / cable control to get more flexible application.

  • Comes with 3/8 inch thread hole to directly mount on professional tripod, slider rail and other accessories.

Compatible Cameras

Payload: 3.2kg/7.05lb

Compatible Cameras:
Sony Camera List: Sony α9, α7R IV, α7M III, α7SII, α7II, α6500, α6400, α6300, RX100 IV, etc.
Canon Camera List: EOS R, 1D X Mark II, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark IV, 6DMark II, 7D, 80D, 6D, etc.
Nikon Camera List: D850, Z7, Z6, D7500, etc.
Panoramic Camera List: GH5s, GH4, etc.


Net weight:                 QING: 1340grams (with battery)
                                     Remote Control: 316grams (with battery)

Battery:                       QING: Integrated quick release battery x 1, 2200mah, 14.8V, 32.56Wh
                                     Remote Control: 18650 rechargeable x 1, 2200mah, 3.7V, 8.14Wh

Battery time:              5 .5 hours for consistent working 8 hours for standby

Charge battery:          QING: Charge the separate battery with USB2.0 to USB C

Charging time:           QING: 2 hours (with 5V/3A charger, quick charge is forbidden). Indicator is all on after fully charged.
                                     Remote Control: 50 minutes (with 5V/3A charger, quick charge is forbidden). The battery icon is full displayed after fully charged.

Material:                      Aviation Aluminium Alloy

Waterproof:                 No

Rotable Range:          Tilt: ±50° / Pan:360°(Unlimited)

Rotational Speed:     Tilt: min 12°/S, max165°/S / Pan:min 8°/S, max140°/S

Mounting Camera 
Place the QING on a flat surface, and keep the tilt axis level with the ground, lock tilt motor. Remove Arca quick release plate, mount it on the camera and loosen the security screw. Install the ARCA quick release plate and tighten security screw.

Gimbal Balance
Unlock the tilt motor, loosen thumb screw and slide the slide arm to balance. Tighten the thumb screw after the balancing is complete.

Power on/off
press the power button and release it when the battery indicator and function indicator turn on together and hear the tone. Long press again to power off.
Remote Control: Long press the power button, release it when the touch screen shows FULL FY. Long press again to power off.

Working mode
Pan follow:
Tilt direction is fixed and the camera follows the movement of pan axis.
Lock mode: Tilt and pan direction is fixed and the lens stay at required direction.
Reset: Go back to pan mode, tilt and pan axis to default position.        



Power button
1. Long Press: Power On/Off
2. Single Tap at Homepage: Lock/Unlock Touch Screen
3. Single Tap at Other Page: Return to Homepage

1. Control Pan Movements
2. Adjust the Parameter

Remote Control Buttons

Capturing/Recording Button: Control the capture/recording of camera with control cable connection:
1. Half-Press: Focus
2. Single Tap: Control the capture
3. Long Press: Control the recording

Trigger button:
1. Double Click: Reset the Gimbal
2. Single Click: Exit current working mode, back to homepage

Control the movement of tilt axis (clockwise or anticlockwise)
2. Select the parameter

Function button:
1. Single tap: Switch sensitivity - fast/slow
2. Double tap: Switch control object between external follow focus / tilt axis.

Connect the Camera:       Plug control cable in USB C/USB2.0 port and camera .

Icons on Display:


Standard                       USB2.0 to Micro x 1, USB3.0 to Micro 3.0 x 1, USB2.0 to Mini x 1, USB2.0 to USB C x 1, USB C to Multi x 1, USB C to DC2.5mm x 1
Accessories:                Anti-slip tripod x 1
                                       Integrated quick release battery x 1
                                       Quick Release Plate x 1
                                       Arca Quick Release Plate x 1
                                       Lens holder x 1
                                       ¼ inch to 3/8 inch thread adapter x 1

Optional                       Infrared track module, Wireless MIC kit, External follow focus

Extendable                  QING: USB-C Port (Camera/MIC),USB2.0 Port (Camera),UART1 USB2.0 Port
Port:                                         UART2 USB2.0 Port, 3/8inch thread hole (with standard adapter to get 1/4inch thread )
                                      Remote Control: Micro USB Port, 1/4inch thread hole

Available functions for users:

  • Working with slider rail to take motion time lapse, working with tripod to take auto shooing for fixed position, remote control, 9 square panorama and auto panorama shooting.

  • Set up parameter, control sensitivity, motor power, control object, all the setting of time lapse at touch screen.

  • One touch to connect QING and Remote Control, switch working mode and calibration the gimbal(When QING is not level or control properly)

  • Working with infrared module and wireless MIC kit to intelligent follow the target or VLOG for single man.

Note: When pairing the remote control and QING, please enter [Remote Match] menu first, then power on QING to easily search the signals.

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