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Colbor PL8-R RGB LED Pocket Light



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The 8W Colbor PL8-R RGB LED Pocket Light, with R standing for RGB, is a small portable LED light for video making!

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Colbor PL8-R RGB LED Pocket Light

The 8W Colbor PL8-R RGB LED Pocket Light, with R standing for RGB, is a small portable LED light for video making. The innovative and elaborate design gives this small fixture great possibilities: an exclusive extendable wing function for holding smartphones, magnetic back allows direct mounting to stands and metal products, physical and remote control are both available for accurate modification, with 105 LEDs in 5 colours to get true-to-nature light.

Extendable Wings for Smart Phone Use
The two extendable wings on each side of the RGB LED light are an exclusive innovation of Colbor. They can open to be a spring-loaded phone clamp to firmly hold phones at almost all sizes, and can fold for easy storing and carrying. The non-slip pad on each wing is to protect against falling.  

Magnetic Backside for Easy Mounting
The magnetic back of the fill light enables it to be directly mounted on metal products like photography stands, railings and bookshelves without any setup steps. It also carries a cold shoe to allow users to mount a microphone on it without additional mounts or adapters. These are features shared with the PL5. 

Five-Colour Beads for Full-Colour Natural Light
Unlike traditional RGB light, the Colbor PL8-R relies on not only Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, but also the additional White and Yellow beads. A total of 105 beads are arranged in a specific Colbor optical layout and are combined to get natural lifelike light. The 95+ CRI (= Color Rendering Index) allows the possibility of accurately reproducing the true color of the target. 

11 Lighting Modes for 27 Vivid Effects
The PL8-R provides 11 lighting modes, including CCT, HSI, Fire, Fireworks, TV, Faulty Bulb, Strobe, Lightning, Pulsing, Party and Cop Car.  All these are packed into this small 125 x 75mm portable LED light.

Physical & Remote Control for Extremely Fine-Tuning Lighting 
The Colbor PL8-R offers a separate dimmer switch that allows the fine control of brightness to go all the way down from 100% to 0. Additionally, the APP for either iOS or Android will be available soon, enabling the video light to access to the Colbor lighting ecosystem for remote control of lighting effect and customization of lighting scenes. 

Clear & Detailed UI for Every Seeable Modification 
The PL8-R is another small LED light to utilize a clear detailed HD screen interface. Users can easily check each range of adjustment every time they operate the light. The in-built memory function works so that all modified lighting figures will be restored for a quick action next shot.

Package Includes:

1 x PL8-R RGB LED Video Light
1 x Light Diffuser
1 x Type-C Charging Cable
1 x Cold Shoe Mount
1 x 1/4 Extended Connector
1 x Packing Bag



Colour Rendering Index Ra >95
Colour Temperature 2700 - 9000K
Number of Beads 105
Working Voltage 3.7V
Input Voltage 5V/1A
Power 8W
Battery Capacity 3000mAh
Power Requirement Built-in Lithium Battery/DC Power Supply
Run Time 100% brightness for approx 83 minutes
Charging Port Type C
Dimensions 125 x 75 x 17mm
Weight 183g



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Brand Colbor

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